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a private practice offering psychotherapy, psychological and neuropsychological testing and assessment services. Practitioners have specializations in areas such as Gender, Psychological Trauma, and Neurocognitive and Chronic Medical Disorders and work with children, adolescents, and adults; but we see people for a variety of issues from depression and anxiety to personality disorders, . Bathory International also conducts research and provides consulting and educational services.


Due to the Covid-19/Corona Virus pandemic we are offering Only virtual services through a secure telehealth website. Please contact us by email at [email protected] to arrange an appointment. 

Who we serve

Although our professionals have areas of specialization (where we have studied with additional course work and/or experience) we see people with all types of issues that they are facing in life.  From toddlers to seniors, we all experience difficulties at certain times of our lives.  Our services are designed to help you to find new ways to meet those challenges.

Why see us? 

We believe you matter. 

We are here to help you discover and remove what barriers are in the way of you living the life you want to have and the person you wish to be.

Areas of Specialization

Gender Identity

We provide evaluations, individual and group and family psychotherapy for children and adults who are experiencing gender dysphoria, are non-binary, transgender or are intersex. Therapy here focuses on helping assist  individuals and their families with necessary evaluations and letters for medical transitioning and emotional support through their journey.

Dr Bathory is an expert in gender, a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Healthcare (WPATH), and often lectures at conferences both nationally and internationally on this subject. Emil has intensive experience in working with the GLBTQI population and completed their internship exclusively in this area.    

Psychological Trauma

We offer individual and group psychotherapy to help people to overcome their history of trauma and abuse and find solutions for nations to overcome complex psychological trauma (such as wars or disasters) through a variety of interventions (Solution Focused Therapy, EMDR, Depth Therapy and Relational Dynamics).

Dr Bathory is an internationally recognized expert in psychological trauma.  He is EMDR certified, a Family Service America and Red Cross Certified MH/Disaster Debriefer.   He has designed award winning programs for children suffering from trauma, and has several published works on novel interventions for psychological trauma to even populations as large as nations.

Neurocognitive Disorders

We focus on providing unique solutions to assist IDD children and adults who have neurologically based disorders that effect behavior and cognition (Seizures, ADHD, Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cellular Dysregulation Disorders, Heavy Metal Poisoning (e.g. Lead), and other difficulties).   

Dr Bathory is also trained as a neuropsychologist and interweaves his understanding of the brain and it's functioning into therapeutic interventions for people with neurological based disorders.

Chronic Illness

Chromic illnesses create a variety of psychological stressors, from financial issues to being able to function in daily living and adjust to new challenges.  Therapy focuses on addressing  needs,  strengths and helping to adapt in new ways to challenges.

Emil has extensive experience working with people who are facing the changes associated with chronic illness.  They have specialized training in renal failure and dialysis. 

Depression, Anxiety & Other Issues

We provide many different types of psychotherapy to assist you with understanding and managing or overcoming depression or anxiety. Some forms of therapy are focused on skill building and are designed to give you ways to manage your symptoms so that they do not interfere with your ambitions in life. Other types of therapy are designed to assist you in exploring the underlying issues or beliefs that trigger your moods and anxiety.  No one therapy is right for everyone and it is our responsibility to offer you different choices in treatment so that you can decide what is the best path of treatment for you. 

Many people turn to the use of drugs and or alcohol because they do not have the coping skills needed to address the stressors they encounter in life.  We work in individual and group therapy to identify patterns and triggers to use, and develop new skills to adapt to stress and challenges.

Emil has expertise in providing motivational interviews for those who are experiencing substance abuse issues and may not be  ready to acknowledge the issue as a problem.  Emil also volunteers his time with Alanon to assist young people who are in families with a person who has a substance abuse issue and they are recognized as a statewide speaker.  

Relational Dynamics

Relational Dynamics is a non-linear theory of relationships that explores how to create cooperation between individuals, groups and nations. It is based from psychodynamic, psychosocial, humanistic and trauma theory and has been applied to psychotherapy, personality theory, healthcare, education, housing, art and architecture, evolutionary biology and behavioral economics.  It is integrated into Dr Bathory's therapy and also often used in helping find solutions to complex problems like national healthcare, and he has a multitude of scholarly articles published on Relational Dynamics with applications in areas such as psychology, trauma, personality, decision making, behavioral economics, healthcare, education, art, monuments and architecture..

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What our customers are saying

This man helps us with all facets of life.  Guidance, kindness, compassion, encouragement, and he always has our back.  We get truth, guidance, laughs, problem solving, and outlet, and some more laughs.  Thankful for him!!!!

Client's mother